ECT Electric Cap Tightener

The ECT cap tightener has a fractional horsepower motor that is in the hand piece. The motor begins to rotate when the chuck is pressed against the cap. The the rubber liner grips and rotates the cap until the torque reaches the set force on the clutch, then the clutch releases. When the cap is tight, the operator removes the chuck from the cap. To adjust the amount of torque, the clutch is adjusted.


  • Ease of use.
  • When the chuck is in contact with the cap, there is force from the motor applied to the cap, this ensures the cap is tight.
  • It has a gauge torque setting.


  • Only one model is available, for use with 110-120 volt, 50-60 hz, 1 phase electrics.
  • It is suitable, in most cases, for caps to only 40 mm.
  • It is not available in an explosion proof model.
  • When the cap is tight, there is force transferred to the operator's wrist until he lifts the chuck from the cap.

Recommended Use:

The ECT cap tighteners are excellent for closing nearly all types of caps on all types of containers. They work well on caps with diameters 40 mm and smaller.


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