CIXL1 Labeler

This is the perfect labeler for any small volume water bottler. Combining ease of use and power of production, this labeler is sure to meet the needs of your business.


  • A foot pedal is included for easy operation.
  • The CIXL1 is capable of placing butt-cut or die-cut labels from 13 mm to 125 mm (1/2"-5") wide and 28 mm to 375mm (1.25"-15") long.
  • Containers must be round and may be from 25 mm to 175 mm (1"-7") diameter.
  • Label rolls may be up to 400 mm diameter and have 75 mm or 25 mm (3" or 1") cores.
  • The machine includes two 90 V, DC variable speed motors which can be provided for 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase or 220 v, 50/60 Hz/, 1 phase electrics.
  • One operator can label up to 15 containers per minute.


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