BW-1 Ozone Bottle Rinser

Give your self serve water customers the ultimate in safety and convenience. The MoBetta BW-1 Ozone Bottle Rinser makes sanitizing their bottles a snap! Simply place the bottle on the machine as shown and press down firmly. A blast of highly concentrated ozone and water gives the bottle a quick sanitizing rinse. Release the bottle and the spray stops automatically.


  • No chemicals to buy or replace.
  • CSA approved AZCO 2 gm ozone generator.
  • Spring loaded mechanical activation valve for simplicity, durability and safety.
  • High quality, rotating spray head provides complete bottle coverage.
  • Works with any bottle that fits on a water cooler.
  • Attractive and durable stainless steel cabinet. Compliments any water store décor.
  • Mirror finish.
  • Child resistant activation mechanism.
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel or food grade plastic.
  • Simple, trouble free design requiring little if any maintenance.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Small 12” x 12” footprint.
  • One year warranty.
  • Ship anywhere by courier.


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