PCT Pneumatic Cap Tightener

The PCT cap tightener uses an air motor to develop torque. The chuck begins to rotate when the chuck is pressed on the cap and the lever is pressed to start the air motor. The the rubber liner grips and rotates the cap until the force of the air motor can no longer rotate the chuck. When the cap is tight, the operator releases the lever and removes the chuck from the cap. To adjust the amount of torque, the air flow and air pressure can be adjusted.


  • It is Explosion Proof.
  • When the chuck is in contact with the cap, there is force from the motor applied to the cap. This ensure the cap is tight.
  • It has a gauge torque setting.
  • It can close larger caps than the other models and produce a higher torque.


  • When the cap is tight, there is force transferred to the operator's wrist until he releases the lever on the tightener.

Recommended Use:

They are recommended for explosion proof environments if the containers are metal with metal caps, or plastic containers with necks that are not smooth. The PCT cap tighteners are also recommended for caps above 40 mm diameter. They are recommended if the torque requirements are above 25 inch pounds.


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