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How do you make money in business?

The challenge that business owners face is how to better use their individual time for profit. In order to maximize profits you need to leverage the time of either people or machines.With only 24 hours in a day for eat, sleep and rest, that leaves a finite number of hours each day for work. Since you cannot realistically work much longer and harder than you do, you need to be able to leverage people (labor) or machinery in order to perform more man-hours of work. By leveraging people and machinery you are able to capitalize on the efforts of others, or on the efficiencies of machinery for greater profit.

Let us look at the impact of utilizing labor for profit. Business owners will tell you that managing their labor force is extremely challenging. Employees are expensive with wages, bonuses, injury insurance, taxes, unemployment insurance, work related injury insurance, medical & dental programs, etc. Regardless of the employee, they have health challenges, take vacations, arrive late, quit and then you start the process again. Ideally there are a maximum of 8 workers per manager. With adding more people you also have to add more managers. With more managers you make a smaller portion of profit. There is a diminishing return on labor.

Fact: Machines have had the single largest impact on business and productivity in the 20th century.

Machinery is a perfect compliment to your labor force. While machines need to be maintained, they have many distinct advantages over a labor force. They need no training. No sick time. No holidays. Can work 24 hours a day without rest or risk of long term injury. They are never late and never have family emergencies. They are simple and efficient.

MoBetta Water can either add value and profitability to your existing business, or allow you to start an extremely simple and profitable new business.


Imagine a business that dispenses clean, pure drinking water essential for survival. Imagine a machine that works virtually unattended 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Imagine a machine that does not pollute the environment and never needs to be restocked with product. Imagine a machine that delivers affordable pure drinking water to people who may be unable to afford water delivered to their homes.

Imagine a machine that is small and can dispense high quality drinking water, making you profits for years to come.

MoBetta Water is a company committed to bringing you high quality, robust machines that deliver affordable performance. This commitment will allow you to easily service and capitalize on the most basic requirement people have - water.

Do you own a water store already? Then consider extending your selling day to 24 hours. Do you own a check cashing store, pool or spa company, auto parts store, convenience store, or .......? The rent, staff and lights are already on and paid for, just add the water machines to add profit.

Find out how you can become involved in one of the strongest growth industries in North America today.



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